The 10 Best Puzzle Games Available On Android

Do you want to stretch your brain and exercise your problem-solving skills a bit? Check our list of puzzle games that are available on Android mobile devices.

Puzzle games are popular with both casual and hardcore gamers. They’re not just a way to kill time; they encourage you to think creatively and use your brain. Mobile devices like tablets and smartphones are ideal platforms for puzzle gaming, and this genre is ideally suited to short bursts of casual play. Here’s our rundown of some of the best examples of the genre currently available. All of our selections presented here are free to download.

  •  Word Search Puzzles


Word Search Puzzles by IceMochi is a simple, intuitive crossword app that will suck you in in just minutes. The game employs a random puzzle generator to give you infinite replay value. There are also “Vocab Challenge” puzzles that will do a great job of building up your vocabulary.

  • Mahjong Android Puzzle Game

Mahjong Android Puzzle Game

There’s certainly no shortage of Mahjong-style tile-matching games available for Android devices. We like this particular one because of its vast selection of board layouts. It will take you quite a while to master more than 200 different boards!

  • Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

It’s clear from the moment you load it up that Candy Crush is designed to appeal to children with colorful, cartoonish graphics. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that this game features simplistic gameplay, though! Candy Crush’s involving and challenging matching action is one of the primary reasons it’s become a runaway hit with gamers of all ages. Candy Crush can also be accessed from a desktop PC so that you can get in a quick round or two at any time.

  • Mind Games — Brain Training

Mind Games -- Brain Training

If you’re interested in an app that blurs the line between amusing game and useful educational tool, Mind Games should be right up your alley. Mind Games presents you with a wide array of different puzzles that challenge many different mental abilities. (Examples include face memory and abstract thinking.) Give your brain a workout! This free game is an excellent choice for people who are looking for a Lumosity-style experience without the hefty price tag.

  • Burger


Games where you rush to complete food orders are common enough to have developed into their own genre: the kitchen scramble game. Burger is an excellent example of the type. The basics of the game are easy to master, but the rapidly-increasing complexity of the orders you have to fill adds plenty of challenging complexity.

  • Flow Free

Flow Free

Like the greatest simple games, Flow Free starts with an elegant concept that’s easy to grasp. All you have to do is connect dots and avoid crossing lines. Sounds easy, right? Things get complex very rapidly, and actually mastering Flow Free is going to take you some time. This game is particularly suitable for people who handle visual problems better than other challenges.

  • PixWords


This game is an interesting new take on the crossword concept. In order to advance the game and unlock the puzzle, you’ll need to decipher the word concealed within in image. Solving one word correctly leads you to a new letter in another word and a fresh challenge. This free game is available on multiple platforms, comes with more than 300 levels, and offers hundreds of distinct words and pictures to work with. One particularly impressive feature is PixWords’s multi-lingual support; the game is available in a total of 21 languages including English, Spanish, German, Russian, French, Swedish, and many more. This fun linguistic puzzle also makes an excellent vocabulary booster. To find this game answers you can click here pixwords λύσεις ελληνικά.

  • Can You Escape

Can You Escape

This is a visual puzzle game that’s strongly reminiscent of the classic game Myst. It’s regularly updated with fresh content and new floors, too.

  • graBLOX


This elegant puzzle game encourages deeper participation from its players. It comes with a fully-featured level editor so that you can challenge others with puzzles of your own.

  • 100 Gates

100 Gates

Offering immersive visuals, challenging puzzles, and impressive use of some of the Android platform’s under-utilized features, 100 Gates simply feels far more polished than the average free game.
With this roster of free, fun puzzle games, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a momentary distraction whenever you need it in the future. Just remember to take regular breaks!

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The Best Kid-Friendly Mobile Games

Video games are more popular than ever before with young children. Things are changing rapidly, though; the most popular platforms for those young gamers are now smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. As a parent, it’s tough to trust apps designed for children. You don’t want to expose them to potentially-threatening website links or entrust them with potentially-expensive in-app purchases. Fortunately, there are some games out there that are friendly to both kids and their parents.


The five games highlighted here are all designed to entertain kids without subjecting them to advertisements or in-app purchases. Their content is also entirely age-appropriate. While some of these apps cost money, bear in mind you’re paying for the safety and peace of mind of a truly kid-friendly environment. That’s well worth a modest expenditure compared to some of the financially-risky “freemium” games available on mobile devices!

1) Playworld Superheros

This relatively new game casts its young players as children on a suburban street building their own superhero costumes. The characters then journey to the imaginary dimension of Playworld to defend it from the invading Golumites. Playworld Superheros scores particularly high in encouraging creativity. Kids are presented with many choices for customizing costumes and logos for their heroes, and this effort goes on throughout the course of the game. Graphics in this game are top-notch, as is the soundtrack. Targeted at an audience between the ages of 9 and 11, Playworld Superheroes is free of in-app purchases and ads.

To download for Iphone click here, for Android click here.

2) The Snowman & The Snowdog (2014)

Building on a previous version released with a “freemium” payment model, this game is now sold for a one-time cost of $4.99. In exchange for your money, your kids get a fun, simple flying experience that challenges them to pick up snowflakes and extend their flight times. With a variety of environments covering real-world cities like Tokyo and San Francisco, this game has an unmistakably wintry theme. There’s nothing to stop kids from playing all year round, though. The graphics maintain strong thematic links with both Raymond Briggs’ original Snowman book and the popular animated film based on it. This game is suitable for all children of ages 4 or older.

Download it here.

3) Metamorphabet

This interesting little blend of educational tool and entertaining game is a delightful digital toy. The screen presents a letter of the alphabet which can be manipulated in a variety of ways to produce different objects that start with that letter. Smooth, crisp animations and responsive controls make this a very tactile game. The sheer variety of different animations and objects available give the game a great deal of replay value. Metamorphabet was designed for kids of age 4 and up, but it’s charming enough to capture the attention of parents too. The game costs $3.99.

Download it here.

4) Minecraft

Easily one of the worlds’s most popular kid-friendly games, Minecraft is a game that offers infinite replayability. Played in Survival mode, Minecraft involves building up resources, tools, and structures to fend off the monsters of the night. The game also has a Creative mode without enemies that allows kids to explore and alter an endless Lego-like world to their hearts’ content. This creative feast is suitable for kids as young as four, but Minecraft has plenty of fans of all ages. Minecraft is expensive compared to some other mobile games, but the sheer variety of what you can do with it makes it a good purchase.

Download it here.

5) Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer

This is a perfect game for even younger children. Toddlers love exploring the game’s beautifully-animated undersea setting. The controls that let players navigate Fins the Fish through the sea are simple and intuitive, and there are more than 30 different activities to uncover in the expansive setting. (Examples include a surprise birthday bash and a naughty cat who gives Fins a fiery chili pepper to snack on.) This is only one of Sago’s many well-crafted kid-friendly apps. By default, there are internal links from Mini Ocean Swimmer to Sago’s other apps, (all of which are ad- and purchase-free) but you can disable this option in your device settings. Mini Ocean Swimmer is available free of charge on iOS. Versions for Android, Windows Phone, and PC cost $2.99.

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Solid Tips To Help You Improve Your Video Game Skills

From a three year old learning the letters of the alphabet, to a fighter figuring out how to defend in the front line, computer games really have something for every one of us. There are games to diminish your waist-line, expand your IQ or simply detract you from it just for a while. Read on to understand this wonderful world.

Refrain from chemical cleaners when wiping off your game disks. If your disk is not playing, you may be enticed to utilize some kind of glass or window cleaner on it. This would easily harm the dick further. Find a delicate, dry fabric and rub the disk clean with it.

Video Game

If you can’t move beyond a specific level, turn off all the noise, whether it is the in-game sounds or music that you have put on. This will help you to truly concentrate on what is going on on your screen and you may have a better shot of progressing in the game.

Approach the game store worker for proposals on games that you may like. Most individuals have classifications that they discover engaging, yet are not mindful of the most up to date offerings. The store assistant will generally be sufficiently educated to guide you to a few choices that will suit your needs.

Exploit all the parental controls that are offered in the game. Does the game posses any online playing platform? If it can be played online, you should limit how much internet your kids can have. You should also keep an eye on the kind of friends they have in their Friends list.

Rent before you purchase! It is not abnormal to purchase another game, take it home and afterward play it just to realize that it is not fun you thought it would be. It may not engage you in any number of ways. Rent it first and see whether it really offers what you need.

Spare some cash on computer games through online re-sellers or auction destinations. Numerous destinations like Ebay or Amazon offer a wide mixture of computer games at profoundly marked down costs. Search for venders who have positive rating from numerous purchasers. This is an awesome approach to stretch you’re gaming dollars.

In today’s online computer game world numerous decisions offered, for example, gaining prizes to attract new buys or even cash you can apply towards your next game purchase. Investigate the purchases required for a few games. This will keep you from really earning so as to advance these prizes. Acquired things are a quick approach to get to levels that may take enormous measures of time generally.

The best times to purchase computer games are during occasional holidays. Retail stores as well as online platforms generally hold deals around the winter holidays or amid the middle of summer where new and utilized games will be sold at decreased costs. If you exploit these business, you can get numerous games at the cost of one new game that isn’t at a bargain.

Use computer games to assist you with brain! As individuals age, their brains age, as well and don’t fill in and in addition they did when they were more youthful. There are numerous computer games that assist your with mind get some very much required action. By playing these games, it is demonstrated that your brain age can be more youthful than your genuine age.

Video gaming has genuinely make its mark, with something to offer everybody in any walk of life. They have turned out to be so sensible, it’s easy to lose all sense of direction in your most loved conjured up universe and overlook the awful day you may have just had! Utilize these tips to take your gaming to the next stage!

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